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12 January 2016 @ 12:21 pm
[40] Byana Holly
[44] Halsey
[38] Taylor Swift
[111] Selena Gomez

*CREDIT ME please, it's much appreciated thank you
*do not edit the icon and claim it as yours

*If you're a livejournal user and use my icons, please insert <lj user="glowingstarsx">  as comment

I'd really love to get some feedback, please comment!
And I am taking requests, just comment who you want me to make icons of, I make of every artist xx

And a question, is anyone interested in Justin Bieber icons? I'm considering making some of him. Please suggest any other person to make icons of!

I'm trying to 'catch up' with al the selena pictures, i know i haven't posted any candids icons or so, but i think i'll try to do some of them after this post
Current Music: TALK ME DOWN - Troye Sivan