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10 January 2016 @ 03:40 pm
Idk if anyone goes to check on my livejournal any longer (i dont check the stats no), but I'll write this anyway

As it's seen, I do not post regularly anymore, and I think it's sad that I cannot keep up anymore.
I make icons whenever I find some time, and when I feel like doing some. Just today I think I've made 100 Selena icons but idk when they'l be posted, I need to have other icons along with hers.
I'm honestly trying my best to keep this livejournal up, and even though things cannot be like before I will try.
I'm writing this cause I don't want you guys to think I've given up on this place, just check in here once a month and maybe there's new icons :)

and I know some people have messaged me, but my inbox was ful as usual, so I couldn't view any of those messages, so please if you want to come in contact with me, message me on tumblr, i'm always on tumblr aha, and you will get an answer there.
my tumblr, outofskies.tumblr.com

xx, glowingstarsx

btw, the tumblr blog glowingstarsx is not me. i've tried messaging, to get  the username, but the person doesn't wanna hear of me. just in any case any of you are wonderin', and if you've had contact with that tumblr - it hasn't been me. i've never owned that url.